Business Administration

Business Administration

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General Information

The large majority of our students are enrolled in our traditional English-language undergraduate programs. These include bachelors degrees in Business Administration, International Trade and Business, Management Information Systems, Public Administration, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. In addition, we offer Turkish-language bachelors in Business Administration, and in İnternational Trade and Business.


With more than 1500 students, the Business Department is one of the largest at the university. Yet, our lecturers take pride in balancing their research with teaching and student advising and in their focus on ensuring that students develop themselves to their fullest potential. More than two-thirds of our student intake is from neighbouring countries, developing nations of Africa, Middle-East, and Russia and Silk Road countries. With such diversity and with more than 10000 alumni around the globe, the friendships formed in the department help our students to gain a deeper international outlook and understanding of global business opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Business graduates are fortunate in terms of the sheer range of jobs they can apply, ranging from accounting, international trade, marketing, and human resources, to various other positions in private and public sectors. However, the number of business graduates are not too few either. Hence, our graduates often do a masters specializing in a field such as marketing of financial services, international human resources, oil and gas management, or sales and advertising. In addition to academic qualifications, international career and business opportunities, in business-related fields, is dependent on personality, social networks, and trust. Studying in campus with a truly international student intake, such as EMU, is a significant step in this direction.

Teaching Language
English & Turkish
Annual Tuition Fee
9200 $
After discount
4838 $
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