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Guiding students towards the appropiate choice.

ApplyForFree is an agency with multiple connections and partnerships with different universities in Turkey and North Cyprus, with access to many disciplines and programs in various universities. At applyforfree we can make your applications accordingly and make suggestions according to your credentials, budget and program of choice be it Undergraduate , Masters or PhD. we will provide all this tangible information before you proceed with your traveling.

Helping The Prospective Student To Find The Right Choice of University

ApplyForFree assists its clients in securing admissions in the best universities in turkey and northern cyprus.

Finding and Securing Admissions at various universities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus

At ApplyForFree we will guarantee 100% success in the university applications of your choice, be it in Turkey or Northern cyprus.

Organizing Pick-Ups from the airport for our prospective new students.

ApplyForFree will organize your pickup the moment you arrived at the airport and convey you directly to the university you chose and also make sure that you are given a warm reception upon your arrival, our services start from the moment you arrive at the airport and we will be with you step by step untill you become a fully registered student.

Advisory contact support 24/7

ApplyForFree has advisory support 24/7 that helps prospective students who wants to enroll in universities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. hurry up and apply with us, as we promised to make your dreams come true. ApplyForFree for the best university in Turkey or the best university in Northern Cyprus.


We are available 7 days a week. With our live chat support, we are able to provide you with direct primary details concerning your queries for support

How to apply using ApplyforFree
only takes 5 Minutes!

filter the country based on your preferences, We are focusing More on Turkey and North Cyprus Universities .
Choose the university of your choice which fits your requirements. More information provided about courses include tuition fees, visa requirements, application deadlines, etc.
Upload the required documents, and send your application. You can also track the progress of your application. You can also go back and apply to another university (if you want), and there's no need to re-upload more documents as the previous once will suffice . The procedure is very simple!