Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics

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Nutrition & Dietetics 

The main purpose of the programme is to provide adequate and balanced nutrition awareness in the health area, food industry, public nutrition which applied in schools and factories and is aimed to meet the needs of qualified staff.


The first stage of the programme includes foundation courses on health, nutrition and dietary sciences. The second stages of courses are related to field of practice. In addition to the theoretical teaching received in classes, students are required to complete in the field summer practices or training periods. They are required to implement what they have learned in classes at hospitals or other health institutions related to their field of study. As a result of this field practice, students acquire the necessary information, ethics, principles and skills to become a nutrition expert or dietician.


Work areas;

1. Facilities offering inpatient or outpatient treatment

  • Kidney diseases care units
  • Diabetic Treatment and Care Units
  • Metabolism diseases units
  • Enteral or Parenteral Feeding Support groups
  • Oncology Units
  • Rehabilitation Units
  • Transplant Units
  • Cardiology Units

2. Public Health

  • Family Health CentersAile Sağlığı Merkezleri
  • Mother-Child Health Centers
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Media
  • Laborer Health Centers
  • Sports Complexes or Gyms
  • Nursing Homes for the Elderly
  • Child Protection Services
  • School Nutrition Education Programs
  • Food Production and Marketing Services
  • Food Control Laboratories
  • International Institutions Dealing with Nutrition and Dietetics

3. Mass Catering Services

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Food Factories
  • Public Institutions
  • Air Transportation Services
  • Sea Transportation Services
  • Railroad Transportation Services
  • Reataurants
  • Health Institutions
Annual Tuition Fee
5600 €
After discount
2940 €
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