dentistry (Collaborative Program with IUMS)

dentistry (Collaborative Program with IUMS)

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As Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Dentistry, our fundamental mission for our graduates is to demonstrate the highest level of dental medicine knowledge and skills in line with the most advanced international standards. We are proud to state that our mission is educating graduates whose good understanding of global health issues has made them capable to improve the life quality of individuals and the population to the highest possible level through delivery of exemplary health care provision. Our education will provide our students with latest global developments in dental health and will prepare them to adopt the most up to date technology in their everyday medical practice. Our graduates will demonstrate outstanding skills as highly qualified dentists, not just through clinical skills but also through outstanding knowledge and skills in professionalism, ethics, medical leadership, effective communication, and teamwork.

Our vision is to adopt the approach of Eastern Mediterranean University for the most recent educational standards and continuous learning in delivering dental medicine education at the highest standards that will always be based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, research and a student centered approach. We see our future as a strong Faculty with a robust identity and culture, delivering high standards in dental medicine, gaining acknowledgement locally and internationally for our high standards and attracting students and teaching staff of highest abilities.


The program has been developed within the framework of collaborative education and training scheme and will be conducted in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Dentistry and Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Faculty of Dentistry. The program has been envisioned upon common mission of providing state of art education in Dental Medicine with utmost international exposure.

The DDM program is five years where the Pre-clinical Phase (Years 1&2) will be conducted by EMU in North Cyprus and the clinical phases (Years 3-5) will be conducted by IUMS in Tehran, Iran.

During the Preclinical studies, international students will have the opportunity to learn Farsi as this will be crucial in dentist-patient communication during the clinical phase. Clinical phase of the dental medicine will take place in Tehran, Iran by IUMS Faculty of Dentistry and its hospitals.

The collaborative program aims to bring together education, research and patient care offering the students opportunity to be part of cutting-edge dental medicine research. The joint curriculum integrates basic science education and clinical instruction with community-based learning.


EMU Faculty of Dentistry delivers high quality teaching through a strong team of teaching staff with international recognition and experience. Trainers maintain a highly interactive atmosphere during classes and practical sessions and facilitate a close-knit and supportive teaching environment to fully support the students’ academic, personal, and professional development. Students learn about critical thinking and analysis from quite early on and are encouraged to practice these skills, voice their opinions freely and constructively.

Students receive structured training on research, learn to interpret evidence based dental medicine and are assisted with research projects from quite early on. Training is provided in a well-designed environment including most up to date scientific research and education laboratories.

Career Opportunities

EMU dental medicine curriculum is identical to and is lead in collaboration with IUMS. At the end of the preclinical phase, students will receive an Associate Degree in Oral and Dental Health (as predent degree) by which they can work while taking their clinical courses. At the end of the Clinical Phase, students will receive a Joint-Degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine which will bear the joint signature of both universities. Graduates of this program will also receive Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from IUMS. Therefore, graduates will be able to practice in Iran and North Cyprus without needing to take additional equivalency exams.

Our graduates may pursue employment opportunities as dentists throughout the world. They may also continue their studies in the PhD program and become academicians.

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Annual Tuition Fee
18250 $
After discount
18250 $
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