Bahçeşehir University [BAU]

Average Tuition Fees5,530 $
Number of students27,210
Nations represented120
Global ranking1,933
Local ranking54


Welcome to Bahçeşehir University !
Take your step into one of the best educational institutions in Turkey and the world , with more than 40000 students aboard you will get to receive the highest quality of education and culture to exchange with peope from around the globe .
All you need to do is to press the APPLY button. 

You’ll be able to make new friends, experience the Turkish culture and the university work will not hinder you from experiencing the culture at its best.
 Bahçeşehir University is about more than just education.
It is also about the job experience and culture that you will learn in a new nation, as well as personal growth and a variety of personal experiences during your time in Turkey.
You will have the chance to receive mentorship from professors who graduated from HARVARD , MIT and many big name universities from USA and UK , as you will have the chance to do an exchange program which is called Erasmus program where you would get the chance to study and learn in one of the best universities in Europe for one semester where Bahçeşehir  will cover your expenses during your stay . This program is considered very essential where you will have the opportunity to add it on your CV later when you apply for jobs especially when they see that you enrolled in multi cultural programs and you studied in different countries . To have more details regarding that you should APPLY ASAP . 
As for the university location , its situated in one of the most touristic places in Istanbul which is the province of Besiktas , Istanbul itself is a very multicultural city as it would be a wonderful experience to live your study life in Istanbul . Hurry up buckle up and lets apply !



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