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What is the Apply for Free Family?
It is a group of highly knowledgeable experts who has one mission and one mission only. To help you find the best University program to fit your aspirations. in addition to a huge amount of students from all over the world and the common goal for this group is to build a society that lives in harmony and respect between each other and the Turkish community.
Our sole purpose is to make your lives better and make your dreams achievable.
The second you contact us at Apply for free you are the center of our attention all the time even after you graduate because simply it is our duty to take of our family members and we are committed to follow up on each and every detail related to your education starting with University acceptance and going through to airport pick up, finding the right apartment...etc.

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The cost of studying in Turkey
The cost of studying in Turkey
Duration of study in Turkey
Duration of study in Turkey
The cost of living in Turkey
The cost of living in Turkey
Confessions of Turkish universities internationally
Confessions of Turkish universities internationally
How to apply
How to apply
The most common specialties
The most common specialties

University admission cost via Apply For Free

Apply for Free organization was launched with a goal of building bridges with the best private Turkish universities and to provide completely free admission, because direct application to any university in Turkey requires Application Fees ranging between $ 50 and $ 100 while our services are always 100% free and we do not charge any commission.

And because we are a non-profit organization, our university registration rates are always lower than the same university or other offices.


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filter the country based on your preferences, We are focusing More on Turkey and North Cyprus Universities .
Choose the university of your choice which fits your requirements. More information provided about courses include tuition fees, visa requirements, application deadlines, etc.
Upload the required documents, and send your application. You can also track the progress of your application. You can also go back and apply to another university (if you want), and there's no need to re-upload more documents as the previous once will suffice . The procedure is very simple!